Success Stories

Sonic Automotive Group

Sonic Automotive

Application: Two BridgeLINKs to interconnect showroom to service center and showroom to resale office.

“The three buildings were separated by streets, but we didn’t want the expense of connecting by phone lines or T1’s, nor did we want the hassle of tunneling cable under the street.”

Jeri Norris
Regional IS Manager
Sonic Automotive

MediaScape - Wireless ISP


Application: BridgeLINKs serve internet users nationwide

“For point-to-point or multipoint backhaul, BridgeLINK’s products fit the bill nicely and the management tools are great!”

Markus Petzold
Hamburg, Germany

Military Applications

BAE Systems
  • Military Sensor Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Surveillance and Security
  • COTS Military

“Your units are working great for our application. Uninterrupted service!! Thanks for the continued and speedy support you and BridgeLINK have provided us.”

Neil King
BAE Systems - US SSA
Nashua, NH