For Homeowners

Residential Structured Cabling

Today's home has become a network hub. With Web-aware TV's, Mobile phones, PCs, tablets and even things like web-connected thermostats, the home is as complex of a network site as any. RadioLAN is your trusted partner to bring it all together. From simply connecting up your new Router to your broadband connection to rewiring your home with Ethernet cabling, we have the know-how and experience to get the job done on time and at a price that will give you peace of mind.

Installing Structured cabling gives your home network several critical benefits. If you're using WiFi for wireless connections, you might need to relocate your router to a place where you can get coverage everywhere. You might want your NAS devices or Media Servers on copper wire to assure there ae no dropouts or network lags. We at RadioLAN always recommend wireless first, but there are just some situations where pulling ethernet wire in a room or a whole home makes more sense.

Power Management

Are you tired of all those wall warts cluttering up your Home Entertainment cabinet or Network center? RadioLAN can provide you with PoE solutions to eliminate the clutter an provide you a centralized power management solution for your digital equipment.

Setup or Configuration Services

Can't figure out how to setup that Router you got on the internet? We can help. Want to connect your stereo or home entertainment system to your network and stream music? We can do that. Want to setup a cheap central place to share your family's media, from pictures to movies to music to backups? We can do that for you.