BridgeLINK-OFDM Model BL-535

  • Up to 8 mile range
  • 100 Mbps speed
  • Simple install
  • Very rugged design
  • Adjustable power
  • Frequency agile


The BridgeLINK-OFDM is a Telco-grade bridging solution built upon 802.11n technology.  The advanced architecture of the BL-OFDM provides maximum range and capacity, delivering outstanding performance in a simple, cost-effective package.  The integrated design of the BL-OFDM combines an outdoor transceiver with Power-over-Ethernet technology to simplify installation, diagnostics, and management.


The BL-535 will extend networks to locations that are up to 8 miles away at full rated speed, even in the rain. We also offer a 1 mile integrated version and a connectorized version which allows for use with customized antennas that will deliver a whopping 32 mile range*.


The BL-535 operates at 100 Mbps - comparable to wired Fast Ethernet or business-class Cable Modem service using the latest DOCSIS 3.0 technology.  A layer-2 bridge, the BL-535 passes only the traffic destined for the other side, so it runs more efficiently than WiFi routers repurposed as layer-2 bridges.

Optimized Industrial Design

Unlike low cost, repurposed WiFi Routers, BridgeLINKs are designed to be simply and quickly installed and to endure the harshest outdoor weather conditions. Features such as GoreTEX® vents, watertight cables, an IP-68 rated enclosure and radome, and positive electrostatic grounding path make installing BridgeLINKs a set-and-forget proposition, eliminating the unfortunate recurring expense of links gone down.


Leveraging off-the-shelf technologies wherever defensible, but refusing to compromise on performance-critical attributes, BridgeLINK has delivered Carrier-grade performance at a Total Cost of Ownership that surpasses alternative solutions. Compared to the cost of Business-class Cable Modem service, BridgeLINKs typically pay for themselves in 6 months or less. And lower field failure rates than repurposed WiFi gear means less replacements, fewer service calls, and happier customers.

* Range dependent on the sovereign laws of the country in which it is used