For Developers

Residential Structured Cabling

Home buyers today are demanding a stunning array of technology driven conveniences that, until recently, were only affordable to the largest corporations. All these data-driven devices demand a network infrastructure that can accomodate todays needs and be viable for thirty or more years. But the choices for developers are not hard. They're actually similar to phone wiring of yesteryear, but deployed in a modern way.

In the past, new home construction needed cheap twisted pair telephone wire, Co-Ax, maybe some low-voltage wiring and the normal electrical wiring of course. Today, you may need high speed cable runs, complete with Power-on-Ethernet, to refrigerators and thermostats. Furthermore, the quality of the incoming audio/video signal has evolved to the point where the luxury of a home theater is increasingly considered a standard feature. Home telephone lines may be twisted pair, but increasingly, they are digital lines run over the same plant as the cable, the internet, the low voltage lighting and the Speaker wiring. The cabling required for all this to work right is critical, and features like in-plenum wireless access points and closet patch panels will more often become the closing difference.

Finally, people are considering high-speed access alternatives for their homes which, very soon, will include Gigabit fiber running into their homes. On top of all these new home technologies, age-old needs such as security, convenience and comfort are raising homeowner expectations in every area. Smarter lighting, better power quality and more comprehensive home control are just some of the applications making the leap from luxury to everyday use.

RadioLAN can guide you every step of the way. From simple data wiring to installation of gateways, we can deliver the technology infrastructure your customers want

PoE Lighting

Power Over Ethernet is a technology that uses unused pairs of wire inside Ethernet Cabling to carry low voltage power - typically 15 volts or less, but sometimes up to 25 volts. Originally concieved as a way to control the expense of running wires to a wireless device (imagine that), PoE today is powering wireless routers, media players, and even LED lighting. The implications of this are very interesting for Homeowners.

Imagine a Home Network that learns you are 10 minutes from home based on the GPS in your smartphone, so it turns up the energy-efficient, LED porch and driveway lights and the ceiling fan in the living room, adjusts up your thermostat to the temperature it's learned you prefer, turns on the hot water heater, and sets the security system to low alert, turns on the wireless router and media player and starts streaming cool jazz to your porch and living room. This is all possible today using Ethernet wiring and PoE. Ask your RadioLAN Representative about how we can help you deliver these luxury features to your buyers.