is your go-to partner for connecting digital things. We provide Design, Implementation and Contracting services to businesses, homeowners and municipalities in Northern California and Nevada.

Our services include:

  • Infrastucture and Wide-area Network design
  • Installation and management of Wireless Bridges, Access Points, and Routers
  • Connecting remote buildings
  • RF Site Surveys
  • Office adds, drops, moves, and changes
  • Residential Stuctured Cabling
  • ...and much more

We specialize in all transmission media including Ethernet, Fiber Optics, and RF.

We provide cabling for high-speed Internet, Cable TV, Security Systems, Home Audio/Video, VoIP/VoLTE, advanced data services and plant control.

We can deliver state-of-the-art solutions, using experineced designers and fully-licensed subcontractors to bring you connectivity solutions on time, on budget, and with minimum hassle.