The demand for broadband Internet is everywhere, but the fiber is not always where it needs to be, and sometimes the existing copper infrastructure, if it even exists, just doesn’t cut it.

  • Can you bring Internet connectivity to locations that are far away from physical network? 
  • How do you quickly provision a broadband customer when your work crews are scheduled out months? 
  • Can you save that profitable business account without spending $300 per linear foot trenching fiber? 
  • What is an ISP to do?

BridgeLINK Wireless Bridges

BridgeLINKs allows ISPs to extend their networks to unserved and under-served locations, whether business or residence, to deliver a better quality of service at fast Ethernet speed. By utilizing low-cost high-speed radios in license-free spectrum, you can deliver performance comparable to Ethernet or DOCSIS 3 modems for similar equipment cost, but zero transmission line installation AND maintenance costs. BridgeLINKs provide a smooth, fast extension of an ISP’s infrastructure.


BridgeLINK-OFDM BL-535

  • Up to 8 mile range
  • Symmetric 100 Mbps
  • Very rugged design
  • Simple install
  • License free
  • Frequency agile

The BridgeLINK-OFDM is a high-speed wireless bridge that extends networks to distant locations. Operating in the unlicensed 5GHz bands, BridgeLINK-OFDM can be deployed quickly and inexpensively and provide years of reliable service.

BridgeLINK… extend your network.
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